Why do I need it?

The Public Service Card (PSC) is a means of delivering valuable services to people who need them in an efficient and secure manner. A citizen’s identity is fully authenticated when the card is issued so they are not obliged to give the same information to multiple organisations. 

The Public Services Card identity verification benefits both the public and the public service providers by-

  • simplifying the identity registration process and reducing the need for people to register separately with multiple service providers
  • reducing the need for service providers to duplicate costly and time consuming identity registration processes
  • reducing the number of people fraudulently claiming to be someone else as it provides the most robust identity proofing process to protect personal data used in the public service
  • facilitating the secure provision of high-value and personalised public services online through the MyGovID platform underpinned by SAFE 2 identity verification

See the services you can access using your PSC and MyGovID

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